Board & Commission A-M

  1. Ad Hoc Architectural Review Committee

    Get information for the Ad Hoc Architectural Review Board.

  2. Board of Review

    Board of Review is held every year in order to give property owners an opportunity to contest the assessed value of their property.

  3. Community Development Authority

    View information for the Community Development Authority.

  4. Deer Grove EMS Commission

    Find information on the Deer Grove EMS Commission.

  5. Emergency Government Committee

    The Emergency Government Committee was created to ensure that the Village of Cottage Grove will be prepared to cope with emergencies resulting from man made or natural disasters.

  6. Finance & Personnel Committee

    Learn about the Finance and Personnel Committee.

  7. Flynn Hall Committee

    Access information for the Flynn Hall Committee.

  8. Joint Fire Department Committee

    The Joint Fire Department Committee is the management agency which adopts the procedural rules and regulations for the Cottage Grove Fire District.

  9. Law Enforcement Committee

    The Law Enforcement Committee oversees the Law Enforcement Department along with setting procedural rules and regulations for the Law Enforcement Department.