1. Community Events

    Access calendars to view upcoming events.

  2. Community Guide

    The Cottage Grove guide to the community, produced by the Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Community Links

    The links provided are to help you learn more about the Cottage Grove community.

  4. Community News

    Read current news and announcements.

  5. Community Voice

    Interact with the government by suggesting initiatives, posting ideas, and sharing in conversations around community proposals.

  6. Crime Prevention

    Crime prevention starts with you. Your willingness to be watchful at home, when shopping and at work and report suspicious activity to police enhances the ability of police to respond and address a potentially serious situation.

  7. Elections / Voting

    Find information related to elections and voting in Cottage Grove.

  8. Garbage & Recycling

    Advanced Disposal Services (formerly known as Veolia Environmental Services) collects the garbage and recycling for the Village of Cottage Grove.

  9. Guide for Landlords & Tenants

    Read over this guide to being a landlord and/or tenant.

  10. Meeting Calendar

    Keep up-to-date with community meetings and events.

  11. Parks & Facilities

    Check out area parks, facilities, and a list of their amenities.

  12. Permits, Applications, & Forms

    Access useful permits and applications for the Village of Cottage Grove.

  13. Recreation

    The Cottage Grove Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all citizens by providing the best possible recreation programs.

  14. Village Ordinances

    Browse the Village of Cottage Grove ordinances.

  15. Winter Parking

    Information on alternate side parking and snow emergencies.