July 6-10: Sweet Summer Week

Monday, July 6th: Summer Drawing Challenge
  • Draw something that reminds you of summer. It could be anything from firefly's to the sun shining or a summer event. Make it fun and creative! But make sure to show us how your drawing turns out. 
  • Submit your entry by commenting on our Facebook post with a picture of your drawing or email the picture to sfrederickson@village.cottage-grove.wi.us by 11:59pm on Wednesday. 
  • Voting will take place Thursday-Friday at 10am.
  • The winner will be revealed Friday at Noon.
Tuesday, July 7th: Pop Bottle Firefly's
  • Turn an empty pop bottle into a Firefly!
  • CLICK HERE to find out how.
  • Don't forget to show us how your firefly turns out by commenting on our Facebook post.
  • Make sure to keep an eye our for firefly's flying around during the evening/night.
Wednesday, July 8th: Workout Wednesday!
  • Join one of our fitness instructors in a short instructional workout video, that we will post on Facebook.
  • Try doing these exercises daily and see if you can do more reps than you could the previous day. 

Thursday, July 9th: National Sugar Cookie Day!
  • Today is National Sugar Cookie Day!
  • CLICK HERE for a sugar cookie recipe.
  • Make a batch of sugar cookies and show us how they turn out by commenting with a picture on our Facebook post.
Friday, July 10th: Cottage Grove Parks & Rec Care Package
  • We will post on Facebook at 1pm.
  • The post will include a picture of our care package that will be placed somewhere in the village. 
  • Its up to you to find this care package based on the supplied picture in the 1pm post.
  • The first person to find the care package wins all of the items that are included in the care package box.
  • If you find the care package please post a picture of yourself and the items you have won in the comments of our 1pm Facebook post.

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